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Do You Need To Sell Your House Fast?

We are the #1 real estate CA$H Home Buyers company in South FL.
We will provide a solution for any situation!

Need To Sell Your Home?

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I Need To Sell My House Fast!


There are many excellent reasons for you to decide to sell your house. However, if you need to sell your house urgently, you may think no one can help you find the right solution.

It is true many folks who sell their properties do it the traditional way because they believe no better alternative exists.  We urge you to allow New Horizon Homes to update you on the latest goings-on in the real estate market. It is highly probable you know nothing about how you can sell your property with the snap of a finger.  Send us an offer and discover for yourself the money you can have immediately courtesy of our easy and safe sale service.  We provide quick Home Selling services.

Why Might You Need or Want to Sell?

A lot of reasons exist why homeowners may have to quickly sell their property; however, such owners know little about where they can get fast fair offers for their properties.

Such reasons may be common. It could be that such property was held from one generation to another and the current owner doesn't want it.  Maybe a homeowner is high in debts and so needs quick money to satisfy his debts or lacks equity and so his finances are in troubles.

Below are more reasons why selling your property as fast as possible could be the best and easiest way out of trouble for your family and you.

You’re Tired of Being a Landlord

Many landlords are unhappy with their tenants. Some complain that their homes are located in rough parts of town or that they are spending too much on maintenance. Sometimes, the trouble comes from squatters or their unoccupied properties have been broken into many times.

Your Home Is in Distressed Condition

Tearing down a property may yield instant cash. Houses with structural defects or which can't survive a fire outbreak or a flood is better disposed of than retained. New Horizon Homes will stop this costly nightmare!

You Have Legal Issues With The House

You may have bought a home only to discover that the property violates the Building Code, or that there are existing encumbrances on the property such as a right of easement, lien, and unpaid taxes on the title deed.

You Have an Existing Mandated Asset Division

Most likely, an order of sale following a divorce; a sale of the property quickly is better than being ordered to pay fines by the court or to your ex.

You’ve Inherited a House

Against a widely held opinion, being the beneficiary of property in a Will is rarely a good gift. The probate process is tedious. It is wisdom to dispose of the property to those who are professionals in the field.

You Must Relocate

Circumstances such as a new employment, health issues, and the deployment of your military unit or starting a family may cause you to move elsewhere. In these cases, you need quick cash to make a move and you may need to sell your property.

You Have some Health Problems

Insofar we are alive; we or a family member may fall sick. To ensure that you have immediate funds to foot the medical expenses, an alternative in this matter may be to dispose of your property as soon as possible.

You’re Undergoing Financial Problems

If you just changed jobs or your property is foreclosed, or having issues with your credit rating, or your debts and taxes have gone overboard; the best way out may be to sell your property.

In these scenarios, the traditional methods of selling your property are unsuitable for getting quick cash. Why? You need to find and show your home to a realtor, possibly wait for an extended period before your home is sold. You can't afford to waste time if you have a quick money demand.  For a quick sale, send us an offer today and discover what you can get from using our services.

Why New Horizon Homes?

 Getting a buyer for your property is a lot of trouble, but when in an urgent need to sell, the problem is double. Fortunately, we are here to solve your problem. So irrespective of your credit rating or your lack of equity in a property or some obligations that can stop you from selling, we can help you deal with that.

We Are Not Real Estate Agents

We are more resourceful than a realtor or broker. Financial limits placed by banks and regulators do not affect us. Why? We use private money to enable you to dispose your property quickly regardless of your peculiar circumstances.

We’re Not Subject to the Typical Delays

At our firm; the process is very simple and easy. We bear the trouble of engaging brokers, the appraisals and home inspections, visits to bankers or mortgage institutions, the insurance company, or the evaluation of your credit rating. Request an offer from us now!

Our services include taking care of the paperwork, permits, and tax liens on the property so that you can have the time to address other issues. No repairs whatsoever on your part.

The fear of being cheated is a huge concern when folks are searching for a buyer who will save them the pains linked to a traditional sale. Our firm partners with investors who are honest and interested in facilitating a satisfactory transaction for all parties.

Send us an offer right away and find out how much you can get for the sale of your home.

How Does It Work?

The process is very easy. Call us or send us an offer online. Our very professional customer service agents will request for essential information about the condition and size of your home. We will use this information to make a written offer to you, if you are comfortable with the offer, then payment will be made to you on your schedule via any means that suits you most.

Our firm, New Horizon Homes understands that every scenario is peculiar and that the solution for a homeowner in distress may not be the answer for another homeowner.

need to sell my house

We work with realtors all over the area and we welcome you to call us!


need to sell my house

We offer a few investments opportunity to work with us. Give us a call!

need to sell my house

We buy houses cash in any condition, price range and area. Call us today! 

need to sell my house

We sell turn key rental properties as well as wholeselling properties in a discount for investors.

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