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Sell Your Home

We Buy Houses Regardless of Condition, Location, or Price

Do you urgently need to sell your house? We can purchase homes irrespective of their condition or price or location in SWFL. We can purchase your home instantly for cash, quickly because we are professionals. In less than 24 hours, we can make you an offer and pay you in cash!

We purchase residential structures be it Condos, Townhomes, Single Family Homes, Multifamily and Commercial Properties but not Hotels... In less than 24 hours, we can make an offer to you and pay you in cash.

You may need to sell your home urgently for a wide variety of reasons; below are some of them:

Loss of job, Liens on property or judgment, Military deployment, Estate Sale, Bad Neighborhood, Bad Tenants, Harsh mortgage conditions, Transfer in Employment, Foreclosure fears, Divorce or deceased spouse, and Expired listing. Others are Relocation or emigration, No funds to pay realtor commissions, Property in need of large-scale refurbishing, Inherited but undesired property, Mortgage debts, Liquidation of assets to offset debts, Damage by fire outbreak or storm, and the home has become too ugly to sell.

Irrespective Of The Reason, We Have a Faster Means of Achieving That.  

Get a No Obligation Offer!

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We'll Call You

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Get The Cash

You have the cash in hand that you need, and your home is sold!

Real estate agents can sell your property, but the process can be very costly, frustrating, and not helpful at all especially when you need quick money. Again, when buyers know that you're in dire need of quick money, they quote ridiculous prices for your property. New Horizon Homes aren't "sharks" interested in milking you dry; we truly want to help you out of your distress. Selling your home when time is against you is why we are here for you.

* We offer a faster way out- We purchase all kinds of properties, throughout Miami. Be it a condo, flat, a duplex or bungalow or a single family house. We'd buy your house, pay in cash, and close the deal ASAP!

*We make reasonable cash offers- We pay in cash and offer excellent proposals that would pay your debts or take away the burden of the house.

* Our conditions are clear- We don't play hide-and-seek when purchasing properties. Our desire is to have a beneficial deal for all parties.

* We take care of the documentation-Our firm will put in place everything including the documentation. Our desire is to make everything easy, fast, and stress-free.

* No Hidden Charges- Such as charges valuation fees, transaction fee, or paperwork fee.

* Even though your property requires extensive repairs, we'd still buy it and pay you cash for it anyway.

* Your zero, little, or negative equity can't stop us from purchasing your property quickly at no additional cost to you.

* We are very knowledgeable- we've been doing this for the past few years and we closed tenth of transactions. We are not beginners in this business.

* At New Horizon Homes, we do business with compassion, show respect to you and appreciate your trouble. We’ll partner with you to clear your issues.

Don't wait any longer! Complete the form or call us on (954) 372 1115 and dispose of that property that seems to hold you back.

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