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Who We Are?

New Horizon Homes ranks as one of the most prominent real estate solution companies in Florida. At New Horizon Homes, we give our very best to be fair to homeowners who find that they need to sell their house quickly or that they require physical cash to solve a challenge. Your property may be in foreclosure, or costly to maintain or subject to probate, or you're about to or have been divorced, or you have bad tenants, or needs a lot of renovation or something like that; we can help you. Our maximum efforts will get us the best answer to your problem. We are the best property solution providers. At New Horizon Homes, we work with other Real Estate professionals who help us find solutions to homeowners that we meet and tell us, "I need to sell my house fast!"


The way we work with homeowners

Professionally! We have an excellent partnership with those we work with. We know there are a lot of reasons people decide to sell their property, and when you meet us for the first time, we pay attention to your precise needs.  We gather relevant information so we can give you an offer that relies on the latest market prices of properties quite unlike those who call themselves "investors."  Our primary concern is to help people, and we will close the transaction with a trustworthy Title Company that will be impartial. The moment the Title Company says "everything is okay," a date will be fixed to close. When we close, we will pay you in full the amount stated in the agreement; no short-changing you or hidden charges at all. Everything would be very smooth; we don't manipulate homeowners

Please get in touch with us anytime on (954) 372 1115 if you have questions on how we operate, what it takes to sell a house or to help you avoid foreclosure, or you just need to know more about us.

Real Estate Specialties:

  • Foreclosure Avoidance

  • Debt Removal or Renegotiation

  • Bank Owned Property & REO’s

  • Sell Your Property Without Realtor Commissions

  • Solving Title Issues

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Vacant Properties & Houses in Major Disrepair

  • Environmental or Structural Problems

  • Apartment & House Rental Specialists

  • Bankruptcy

  • Over-leveraged Properties

  • Clearing up Judgments or Outside Liens

  • And many others…


We buy homes as well as sell properties, fully refurbished and you can move in right away.  We can help anyone to purchase a house for the first time in their lives or who want to raise the quality of their present home.

At New Horizon Homes, we are loyal to our clients. We give quick and reliable answers to queries; we value integrity and exceeding customer's expectations. Customer's needs come first be it in buying or selling properties. With us, your real estate goals are achievable.

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